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About Condo Diagnostics

Condo Diagnostics Ltd. is the culmination of a lengthy learning experience focused on condominiums and how they operate.  The purpose of the company is to provide as many people as possible with either general knowledge about condominiums or specific knowledge regarding the condominium they are considering purchasing, or both.

The company offers a condominium document review service for prospective purchasers or sellers of condominium units and consulting services for boards of condominiums and property managers.  You can also obtain a book, "The Original Condominium Checklist Book", written by the owner of the company.
A CD version of the book can be purchased separately to serve as a learning tool.

About Phyllis Fyckes

Phyllis Fyckes, President of Condo Diagnostics Ltd., has been fascinated by the complexities of condominium living since she purchased an apartment condominium many moons ago as a totally green homeowner.  She immediately got involved on the Board of Directors and learned how little she then knew about condominiums.  Among other distressing occurrences, the City had informed the complex they would shut off the water to the building unless the complex started paying its outstanding bills.  This was the beginning of a tremendous learning experience.

Phyllis already had a university degree and a general management certificate, and her innate curiousity led her to get a building operator A certificate, so she would have more insight into how buildings must be managed.  This quickly led to a position as a property manager for condominiums, and later work at a consulting company which provided condominium document reviews among other services.  As can happen, she developed a desire to have her own business and lend her own style to the work she did.  Her company was established in late 2003.  As she said, "I wanted other people to be more knowledgeable than I was when I bought my first condo."

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