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The Original Condominium Checklist Book 2006 Edition $21.95 per book plus GST

This book is an invaluable reference for persons interested in purchasing a condominium, for owners and for property managers. It contains information in easy-to-follow tables, and is in a convenient 8/1/2 x 11 format.

Note: The books and materials contain information that is relevant to all condominium owners and property managers, but any specific references are to Alberta, Canada legislation and circumstances. Two checklists (a list of property managers and a list of associations, organizations, programs and services) are primarily Calgary, Alberta based. But if you call with a question from another locale, we may be able to point you in the right direction.

Three ways to obtain books:

  1. Pick up personally: Call or email Condo Diagnostics for the address. When you pick it up you can pay in cash, cheque, Visa or Mastercard.
  2. Send a courier: Call or email Condo Diagnostics for the address. If you are using a Visa or Mastercard, you can give the credit card number over the phone. Or you can send a cheque with the courier.
  3. Ask to have the book mailed: Call or email Condo Diagnostics, providing your address, and indicating how you plan to pay (cheque, Visa or Mastercard). When payment is received, the order can be shipped. There will be an extra charge of $8 per book for postage, plus a $5 handling charge.

Contact Information:

  • Phone: 403-269-4321
  • Anytime Toll-Free Fax (to email): 1-866-296-6064
  • Email: Use form provided in website

(Or let us know if you want to pick up the material personally or send a courier.)

Contents of 2006 Edition


Contents of the 150-page "The Original Condominium Checklist Book 2006 Edition" as follows: 


  • What to consider when buying a residential condominium
  • Lifestyle changes when you move into a condominium
  • What mature persons should consider if purchasing a condominium
  • Condominium owners responsibilities
  • How to become hated as a condominium owner
  • Condominium Board Responsibilities
  • Condominium Terminology
  • Documents for condominium resale units
  • Documents for new construction condominium units
  • Documents for new condominum units in a conversion
  • Documents for homeowners associations
  • What to consider if a condominuim has no documents
  • Self-Management: advantages & disadvantages
  • Professional Management: advantages & disadvantages
  • Typical duties of a full-service property manager
  • A list of property managers (for Calgary, Alberta)
  • A list of associations, organizations, programs and services

Published Articles:

  • Practise Patience with Parking Problems
  • Noise - How much can you tolerate?
  • Pets - Can they live in Condos?
  • Is the Board legitimate in its claim?
  • Bare Land Condo - who does the work?
  • Are Post-Tension buildings too scary?
  • Buying a condo? Know what you are getting
  • Do I need insurance for my condo?
  • Can you live with condo rules?
  • Should I purchase new or resale?
  • Why are my condo fees so high?
  • When should I call the Board?
  • Should I move into an age restricted condo?
  • What does maintenance free really mean?
  • What types of owner parking are in condos?
  • Is storage space included with every condo purchase?
  • What good is a Real Property Report for a condo?
  • What condo documents are important?
  • Reserve fund studies are guidelines
  • Why should you obey your condo's rules?
  • Conversion developers need to reveal changes
  • Why attend your condo's AGM?
  • Why would a special assessment occur in a complex?
  • What does a copy of the condo plan tell you?
  • Is self-management right for your complex?
  • What kind of security can you get in a condo?
  • Communication important between Board and owners
  • Bylaws can often be misunderstood
  • What if you knew nothing about a condo complex?
  • Does your management company charge too little?

Additional Published Articles in the 2006 Book:

  • How different is living in a condo?
  • What if a condo had no or too little fees?
  • What should commercial condo owners look for?
  • The pros & cons of banning pets in a condo
  • Will my condo fees ever change?
  • What types of condominiums are available?
  • Should I volunteer for my condo board?
  • What is a Parking Restrictive Covenant?
  • What questions should I ask about the parking stall?
  • Why are unit factors important in a condominium?
  • What happens if you don't pay your condo fees?
  • How can condo owners help create harmony?
  • Why are condominium boundaries important?
  • Potential noise sources in a condo
  • Are condominium reserve studies gospel?
  • Does condo living mean no work for you?
  • Would you want to be a property manager?
  • How do repairs get done in a condo?
  • Choosing a condo management company
  • What insurance does your condo need?
  • Will the size of a bare land unit be a problem?
  • What are the primary differences between owning a house or condo?

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