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Winter-Spring 2018-2019

The Condo Diagnostics office is located in a residential area, and the location cannot be advertised.
Because there are no sit-down meetings, you will only need the address if any hardcopy documents need to be delivered for a document review.
If needed, please call 403-269-4321 for directions, or send an email through the email form provided in the website.
Note that any business traffic can only occur during the business hours of 8am-4pm, Monday to Friday, not including holidays or weekends.

Document Reviews are primary:
To enable document review work to be the primary function of the company, and not the collection of payments for the reviews done, any document package (hardcopy or PDF files) will need to be accompanied by the payment. The cost of a review is only $340 plus GST (Total $357.00). Payment can be made by: Visa or Mastercard number given over the phone, email bank transfer, cheque or cash.

Any condominium document review done by Condo Diagnostics continues to be a detailed and comprehensive report based on the latest documents as provided for the review by the seller and the seller's realtor. The report also incorporates relevant details from any past reports done, for your further education and information about the complex.

Learn about Condos:
If you are interested in gaining some basic insight into condominiums, and how they operate, you can purchase a copy of "The Original Condominium Checklist Book" from Condo Diagnostics. (Check the Books Section for a description.)
If you are a realtor, seller, purchaser, owner or property manager, this book will be a handy reference tool packed with condominium information. Any references to the Act will specifically be for Alberta, but much of the information applies to condominiums anywhere.

Note that people planning to live in a condominium may need to adjust their concept of ownership as many of the issues that arise come about because people tend to apply their experiences of being the owner of a single family house or of tenant-renter living to this form of group ownership.
The decisions that a Board makes regarding the complex are based on what is best for the complex as a whole, and sometimes individuals may not be in complete agreement.
Everyone needs to remember that they have some responsibilities for that portion of the complex that they occupy as an owner, and also some responsibilities to the group.

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