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Condominiums are a special form of property ownership that is considerably more complex than owning your own single family dwelling. It is a not-for-proft business that is handling the affairs of the organization that is maintaining the home you are living in or the office you are conducting your business from. People enter into these property transactions with a variety of expectations and knowledge, and that's where they can use the services of a company like Condo Diagnostics Ltd.


Condominium document reviews

Condominium document reviews:

When someone is trying to decide to buy a condominium they need to know the health of that corporation, and understand the rules it operates under. This purchase is not a decision to be taken lightly and as such warrants more than an instant response. A review of the documents is more important than a physical inspection!

You get the benefit of the experienced eye at Condo Diagnostics, and are provided with a 18-22 page written report that comments on the important highlights from your document package. You also receive additional commentary on aspects of condominium ownership, and if available, relevant details from past reports done.

When completed, the thorough, detailed report is emailed to you, and you will be able to make your informed decision. If you have additional questions they can be discussed on the phone. (The time required for this step can vary widely depending on the completeness of your document package, when the additional needed documents arrive, and whether other clients are ahead of you.)

When you have indicated whether you are picking up the documents or want them scanned and emailed to you, you will also receive whatever Land Titles documents Condo Diagnostics has obtained relating to the complex and your unit.

The cost of the service is only $340 plus GST (Total $357.00).

Note: These reviews are only performed for complexes located in Alberta, Canada.

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